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Treatments & Benefits

1. Ankle Injuries
Users of HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic treadmills typically experience a 60% reduction in effective body weight, this can be particularly helpful for rehabilitation and recovery of ankle injuries.

2. Knee and Lower Leg Injuries
Knee replacements, ACL reconstruction and lower leg trauma due to injury, are all improved with aquatic treadmill programmes.

3. Hip Replacement
Elderly patients with hip replacements use aquatic therapy to start rehabilitation at the earliest possible stage. Pain management is possible when exercising in warm water.

4. Core Stability / Weight loss
Only aquatic training allows a low impact challenging workout, which promotes better health and fitness.

5. Spinal Injuries
Damage to the lower back is treated in a supportive environment that is resistive and cushioning. Low treadmill speeds allow patients to take their first steps of recovery.

6. Cardiovascular and Respiratory
Exercising in water can improve cardiovascular strength and overall fitness. Increased resistance and pressure are key factors in achieving this. The correct core body temperature is also a contributory factor. Immersion in water can strengthen respiratory musculature and enhance cardiovascular efficiency.

7. Neurological
Stroke patients and people with other neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, use aquatic therapy for learning or relearning in a supportive environment. Aquatic therapy promotes an unexplained user feel good factor.


Hydrostatic Pressure

• Reduces heart rate and arterial pressure by assisting circulation
• Reduces risk of peripheral oedema
• Increases metabolic rates and calorific burn
• Increases thoracic pressure, improving cardiovascular conditioning


• Reduces load for painful joints & muscles
• Improves flexibility
• Increases core stability


• Relaxes the user
• Relieves Pain
• Improves circulation

Surface Tension

• Targets specific muscle groups
• Assists the balance of unsteady patients or recovering athletes


• Supports damaged or weak muscles & limbs
• Significantly increases workout intensity for sports conditioning

About us


LCC Trading & Distribution is a regional medical technologies provider, operating in countries such as Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company provides high-class surgical and orthopedic therapy solutions developed by world’s leading manufacturers.

LCC Trading & Distribution offers customized services to meet our clients’ specific needs ensuring the most up-to-date and effective technologies available. Whether to buy, lease or rent medical equipment, our consultants will advise you choose the option that suits you the best.

Our Promise

Our patients health and safety is always our number one priority.

  • Based in Shropshire, England, HYDRO PHYSIO is a division of SYSPAL Ltd.
  • Working from a 11,500 m2 purpose built manufacturing facility, the group was established in 1975 and has over 200 employees
  • With one of the most technically advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe, products are precisely manufactured to exacting standards
  • The treadmill systems are recognised as a Class 1 Medical Device